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Life after Les Roches: creating a restaurant empire in Mexico

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A career in hospitality can take many forms, for Gerardo Salgado, the skills and ability he gained at Les Roches prepared him perfectly for entrepreneurial success. Following his father’s advice, he combined the Swiss hospitality ethos with an entrepreneurial mindset to create a successful restaurant business in Mexico City.

Name: Gerardo Salgado
Graduation year: 2005
Nationality: Mexican
Program: BBA in Global Hospitality Management
Current position: Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Loop Tonic

“Ever since I was young, I’ve had this interest to work in the hospitality industry. My father told me that the best place to study for this career is in Switzerland.”

For Gerardo, Les Roches played a key role in transforming him from a student into an entrepreneur. “While I was in Les Roches I acquired the necessary skills to do whatever I wanted to do and I felt as if the world was in my hands”, he said. “Today I am the founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of my company, Loop Tonic, creating, developing and operating restaurants in Mexico City.”

Les Roches has contributed to my professional success in many ways: knowledge, the experience of foreign countries and the people that I got to meet who have helped me create a business network.

What does a Chief Operating Officer do?

“We have four brands: Butcher & Sons, Basico, Jule’s Basement and Biergarten. Some of my main tasks are to make sure the restaurants operate correctly on a daily basis, to increase sales, and to make sure my team is happy. I love watching people grow; I love being part of the well-being of so many families.”

As COO, Gerardo needs a handle on every area of the business, he feels his time at Les Roches prepared him well to be a business owner. “From Les Roches, I learned all about processes, manuals, human resources, and marketing.”

‘I couldn’t have chosen a better place’

For alumni, the Les Roches Way of Life is more than a strapline, it’s the unrivalled combination of immersive programs, real-world experience, international exposure, a global network and a degree that sets you apart, as Gerardo explains. “Les Roches has contributed to my professional success in many ways: knowledge, the experience of foreign countries and the people that I got to meet who have helped me create a business network.”

Now looking to expand his business to Miami, Gerardo believes Les Roches gave him the multicultural confidence to build an international business. “Being in Les Roches, experiencing such practical learning and eventually working outside of the country, allowed me to receive all these different influences from different cultures that I could use here in Mexico. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to do what I wanted to do.”

Advice from an entrepreneur

Inner discipline, passion and commitment are traits seen in all the entrepreneurs that were made in Les Roches.

“My advice for all aspiring students is: be patient, work hard, don’t take “no” for an answer, always move forward, don’t get tired and treat people the way you wish to be treated.”

Thank you to Gerardo for taking the time to share a fascinating insight into the life and work of an entrepreneur. We wish him every continued success and will be sure to check back for an update on progress in Miami! For more alumni success stories, use the links below:

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