A dreamlike trip in Hulun Buir Grassland

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In October 2010, I took a one week trip in Hulun Buir. This vast grassland is located in Inner Mongolia, the largest minority nationality region in north China.

Escaped from the city and its clamor, I was deeply attracted by the amazing scenery. The late autumn brings out the contrasts of grassland and mountain with yellow, golden, brown, and even black colors. The blue sky and white clouds, the rising wisps of smoke from yurt scattered on the grassland, herds of horses and cattle and flocks of sheep drifting from here to there, the winding rivers, etc. All of this gave me the feeling of a dreamland. I pressed the shutter-button of my camera frequently.

It takes one hour by air from Beijing to Hailar, the capital of Hulun Buir. I was lucky to meet two great photographers there, then we drove a jeep to the north, the far north…Some part of the trip was along the Sino – Russia boundary area. Dawn and dusk, on top of mountain and beside the rivers, our trip took us across thousands of kilometers, and everyone took thousands of pictures. Also we were happy to talk with the local herdsman to know their life and folk custom. We stayed in the family hostel, and most of the housewives are Russian offspring. They have the Russian looks, but speak the same language as we speak. It was truly a fresh experience for us.

Hulun Buir covers an area of 250 square kilometers, with a total population of 2.6 million. The Mongolian nationality is the dominant ethnic group, and 35 other nationalities living in harmony, such as Dawoer, Ewenke, Elunchun, Russian, Han, Korean, etc.
The name Hulun Buir comes from a moving legend, it is about a couple of lovers who lived on this rich and vast grassland a long time ago, and the girl’s name in Mongolian was Hulun, the boy was Buir. Their story spreads even now.

Here is some photos I took, and I believe they are much more attractive than my words. Shall we go Hulun Buir glassland together next time? My dear alumni…




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  2. Herbert says:

    What a strange and yet, very beautiful country..

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