“Hand in Hand” Summer Camp

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It was a unique service experience; we made several “first time” records in our hotel history.

In July 2011, the “Hand in Hand” Summer Camp came to our hotel. The group consisted of 510 children and 50 teachers and volunteers. Staying in the hotel for 5 nights, these children were 9 to 12 years old, and they came from 27 provinces or autonomous regions, representing all 56 nationalities of China. Apart from requiring a total of 350 rooms per night, this event also included 5 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets for about 500 people each meal, a gala evening party for 600 people in the function room, and daily evening meetings for 40 persons.

The organizer and our service team coordinated very well. We made full preparations, and were highly efficient during the service. We mainly focused on security, meal provisions, special set-up in the rooms for minority nationality, a parking lot for 15 buses, and the Muslim cuisine arrangement, as well as being generally helpful and taking more care of the teenagers.

What made a deep impression on me, besides the work, was the children’s happy faces and their bright eyes. Most of them had never come to Beijing, or even never left their hometown before. On the arrival day, it was raining heavily since the afternoon. The last small group was from Tibet. It was nearly 24:00 when 21 children and 2 teachers walked into the lobby with their backpacks. It took some of them 3 days by bus from their far away hometown to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, then nearly 4 hours by air to Beijing. Beijing was a new to them and previously unknown for most of the “Hand in Hand” Summer Camp members.

The service was quite successful finally. Our customers were really satisfied, and expressed their thanks to the hotel. For the hotel business, on the other hand, the financial income was good and greater than expected.

Here are some photos I took when we were with them last summer. I look forward to being back to Bluche for our “camp” again in the future, maybe for the Culture Night, maybe in the school lobby……


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