Ana Luíza de Assis

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Hi, my name is Ana Luiza Rama and I’m student of the BBA Global Degree. I’m super excited about this new stage of my life here in BlucAna Luizahe, and to be able to share my experiences through this blog. I’ll start by writing a little bit about myself.

I was born in Brazil in 1996, and have Spanish citizenship as well, thanks to my mother. When I was one, my family and I moved to Michigan, USA, where we lived until I was four. We then moved back to Brazil, and stayed there 4 years. My brother was born in 2002, when we were still living in Brazil, and two years later we moved to Shanghai, China. At the beginning of 2008 we moved to Chihuahua, Mexico, where we stayed until august 2012 and then once again moved back to Brazil.

During these moves I traveled a lot with my family, and did five study abroad programs, which all were a part of developing my passion for traveling. I love visiting new places, meeting new people and understanding new cultures.

For those of you who do not know, the Global Degree bachelor program is a new degree that has just begun here at Les Roches, and I’m part of this group. We will be studying in all 3 campuses (Bluche, Marbella and Shanghai) and doing two internships, so basically you have the possibility of studying 7 semester in 5 countries.

Opening up a hotel, or being able to manage one, has always been a dream of mine, and is the reason that I came to Les Roches – one of the best hotel management schools in the world and located in such a beautiful place!

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