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Arkadiya-Tertychnaya2Greetings from Les Roches!

I am Arkadiya Tertychnaya from Moscow, Russia. Currently, I am on my 4th semester, working towards the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. I have already been through a 6 month internship in a luxury 5 star hotel in Hong Kong and now I am looking forward to go for the next training for 12 months after completing my 3rd academic semester.

My background – Music & Humanities

When I was 5 years old, I entered the world of classical music, starting to play the violin. My whole family saw in me a future Paganini and I was trying my best to keep up this opinion. Thus, winning prizes in multiple region competitions, I went from the local music school to the Gnessin State Musical College – one of the best schools for musical professionals in Russia.

Nevertheless, in spite of my musical potential at the age of 14 I came to the conclusion that with all my sympathy for music it was still not my passion. Instead, I fell in love with the Humanities and successfully passed exams to enter one of the most prestigious lyceums of Moscow which was also under the Russian State University for the Humanities. There, I chose to join the bilingual Italian program (under the Italian Embassy in Moscow) that made it possible for me to graduate with two diplomas, Russian and Italian, as I was following two school programs at the same time.

Choice of career

Studying in the last year of my lyceum, I was thinking to become a simultaneous interpreter or translator and help the world to overcome intercultural barriers. However, one volunteer summer internship in a small hotel of Karelia changed my mind completely towards the hospitality industry, when I suddenly understood that this was the industry of my dreams. I always loved learning languages and understanding cultures, enjoyed travelling and meeting new people but only after that working experience in a hotel did I discover that it was the most beautiful job in the world to make other people happy. Like this I made up my mind that by all means I want to become a meaningful part of this industry.

Why Les Roches?
Since the very beginning, I did not have any doubts that to study hotel management I need to go to Switzerland, as the whole concept of hospitality has its roots here. I researched various well-known schools, comparing the programs, campuses and overall impression of the schools. From all the options I had, Les Roches definitely was the most attractive one for all the aspects:

  • unique balance of practical and theoretical disciplines
  • warm atmosphere of motivated learning and positive thinking
  • more than 95 nationalities studying together
  • one of the top-ranking hotel schools in the world
  • friendly and mutual support environment, etc.

This way I decided to come to Les Roches, and it has been a true pleasure and honor to study here since then. If you want to know more more about Les Roches, please visit the school webpage:

Purpose of this blog

Through this blog I am glad to talk about my learning and starting working experiences as well as share some useful and interesting information for both current and future students and anyone interested in hospitality in general.

In case any additional information on my background needed, please visit my LinkedIn page


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