Danila Teterin

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Danila Teterin

My name is Danila Teterin, I am 22 years old, and was born in Russia. My background is not as international as it could have been, or as most of Les Roches students, due to the fact that I mainly grew up in Russia and both my parents are from Moscow.
So, how did I come up with the idea to plan my life the way it is right now?

Travelling is a huge part of my life and I was always passionate about exploring different cultures. This passion was given to me by my father, who took our family on a road trip from Moscow to Cairo before continuing his journey to the Cape of Good Hope. Discovering all the different cultures and comparing all the nationalities on our way only proved to me that travelling is not just a passion for me, it is a way of life!

Furthermore, since the age of 10, I saw myself managing a restaurant or a lounge bar, an idea which has now spread from restaurants and bars to the whole hospitality industry. This idea was also developed in my childhood. When my parents were busy, I used to go to the restaurant of some family friends, spending my free time, doing homework, watching TV, or just resting and exploring the restaurant from the inside out. Thus, my second passion started to grow: a passion for the hospitable way of life.

But being realistic, I opened my eyes and realized that even with my ideas, which I was developing through my life, I needed respectable connections and significant start-up capital to open my own business. This I knew I would not receive from my parents, and finding out that in Russia we do not have highly qualified universities that would enable me to study hospitality management, I started looking for another way to organize my future. The idea of hospitality would just have to be postponed until better times.

When I was a teenager my family used to change homes a lot. Even though I always moved within Moscow, the fact that the city is a megalopolis and traffic jams are more than just crazy, meant that I had to change my school from time to time. In fact, I moved schools four times, and in every single one of them I adapted fast and made new friends easily.
Then I realized that due to the fact that I am a sociable person, I needed to find a suitable university. I started studying public relations and the business of advertising at one of Moscow’s universities. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the level of knowledge provided by this university so I decided to change schools and transferred to the largest University of Russia, studying sociology with a module in PR, the PR part being the biggest incentive for me to choose this university.

After studying there for couple of years, I understood that this was still not what I was looking for, because PR in theory (as studied in sociology), is very different from PR in practice. When my family saw how disappointed I was with what I had studied, they gave me an opportunity, which was like a dream come true, and for which I will be grateful all my life. They gave me the option of choosing any university and going wherever I wanted. After comparing the different programs of different European universities I found that Les Roches was the most suitable one for me, due to my very active profile as a person, who can’t remain sitting still in one place for several years.  And the combination of practical and academic study at Les Roches has proved that it was definitely the right choice.

Finally, after spending my first internship at the Hotel Arts/Ritz-Carlton, Barcelona, I realized that having an international career, which I was looking for all my life, would now be a reality.

And now I wait expectantly for each new experience that Les Roches keeps giving me.

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