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Jovel Eugenia Mei Les Roches International School of Hotel Management student blogger

Greetings from Dubai!

My name is Jovel and I am fresh graduate from Les Roches – literally, I just left in June 2015. So, if you’re reading this, it means you’re reading my blog posts with my fresh graduate’s perspective on what it feels like to enter the working world on tippy toes. Also, although it says greetings from Dubai, I’m actually from Singapore 🙂

Upon graduating from Les Roches I found myself embarking on the Accelerated Refinement of Talent (TAROT) 18-month fast-track management-in-training (MIT) program with the Rotana Hotel Group. My specialization for the programme is Marketing and Communications. The Rotana hotel group was founded on Middle Eastern values and is predominantly in the Middle East, Africa and recently also South Asia and Europe. Being a focused hotel group with strong cultural roots which shape every aspect of the hotel group, it’s so different from an international hotel chain! From the people, restrictions and guidelines – my goodness, the challenge is so exciting yet difficult at the same time.

During my 4 years at Les Roches, I was a very active member of the university so feel free to ask me anything about the following:

Student Ambassador
Les Roches Student Social Committee (SSC)
Career Development & Industry Placement (CDIP) Task Force
Yoga Teacher (Or any student-organized activity)
– Eta Sigma Delta (ESD) Honor Society
– Student Webzine Blogger

Or really anything at all 🙂 look forward to sharing my stories and blog posts with all of you!


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