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Hello Everyone,

Mariana Heath Les Roches International School of Hotel Management student bloggerMy Name is Mariana Heath, I was born in Portugal and am the daughter of a Portuguese mother and an English father. I was brought up in a multi-cultural environment and in a home where a mixture of languages was spoken. I had a magical upbringing, spending most of my time outdoors and exploring; only now have I mastered the art of technology (and some would disagree that I’ve ‘mastered it’). However, I found that by using all these social platforms I could communicate with my friends around the world, learn about magical locations and discuss their experiences. I am very happy I could become a part of this Les Roches Webzine, so I can now share my stories with you!

I see myself as a sociable person and believe that one of my major skills is dealing with people of all ages as well as understanding their needs and expectations. I love learning from other people’s experiences, stories or their overall knowledge. I’m a hard worker and strive to be good at the tasks I’m given, but I also like to reward myself for my hard work – I do this by spending time with my friends – and we all know the amount of stories people can come up with when a group of university students are gathered together.

I could continue to bore you with the qualities I believe I have or describe my personality to you, but I suppose what you want to know is what I will be writing about…

I’m a person that works as much as I party, well I work so I can then party; so I guess I will be writing about my fun experiences in and out of school. I love to travel, discover new things, discover Food & Beverage specialties, go to festivals, invent fun games to make life a bit more fun. Oh, and I love to talk to people, and talk some more and well talk until people want to shut me up. But I like to talk and listen because ideas can be shared, and someone’s fun could eventually become my fun and vice versa.

Les Roches has become a part of me and is the reason for the many experiences I have had and will eventually have in the future. I intend to write about unexpected things that could happen when in university, the fun that is had during this time as well as some more serious matters that could be useful to read about.  Moreover, I would also like to share with you the events that Les Roches’ societies create for the benefit of others, as well as other students’ university experiences.

In addition, I love to take photos; I pretty much photograph all amusing things as well as beautiful ones, and therefore you’ll be seeing a lot of my experiences through my images and words.

If there is anything you are curious to find out about or any ideas you would like to share, I am very approachable personally and can be easily contacted through social media, so please feel free to come to me!

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