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Hi everybody,

It is nice to finally have the chance to be able to participate in this blog.Pablo_profile

Let me start by introducing myself. I was born on 1988, October 9th, in the world’s first UNESCO World Cultural Heritage city – I’m not talking about Krakow in Poland, I am talking about QUITO, ECUADOR.

When I was about two years old, we moved into New York City, and then to Mexico where my global adventure began. With a mother who was half Mexican and a father who was 100% Ecuadorian, the doors of the world opened for my sister and me as we were both Ecuadorians and Mexicans.

I took my first trip by myself was when I was 8 years old, an age that is not too common to be travelling by yourself.  But thanks to my mother’s powers of persuasion and my ‘good behaviour’ we managed to convince my dad to let me visit my uncle in Miami, and from there travel to Ecuador to visit my grandparents. It was a terrifying but wonderful trip; and that trip made me love the hospitality industry, of course I did not know at that time what it was my calling but I knew I could feel it.


From top to bottom, left to right: Beijing, China; Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands; Bluche, Switzerland; & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


So I travelled the world with my parents, visiting Europe, South America, Mexico, Asia. My objectives were very clear: I wanted to work in a related travel industry. In 2005, I moved to Indianapolis to learn English and thanks to the proximity to the city of Chicago, Les Roches entered my life (thanks to Kendall College for that). Les Roches became my obsession and that obsession paid-off when I met the beautiful Alps while walking in Bluche on my first day of classes.

I travelled the world, once again, pablo with camerathanks to the internships, working in Malaysia, China and Turks and Caicos. Learning and traveling were constant things, but meeting the expectation of becoming a person of excellence was the most glorious achievement.

On my travel to China, I discovered my lover, my small Canon camera.  From then on, photography became my place to stand apart from the world and be within myself, enjoying every breath that the earth has to offer on every single step that passes by my eyes.


I graduated in 2010, with a BBA in Finance. I got a job in Mexico but I realized that something had change, the Mexican hospitality industry is so different from what I was used to. Having experienced several countries and cultures, my feelings became unclear and my vision was destroyed. As a result I had let go of my passion for hotel business.

In 2013 while wondering around on one of my trips, I decided to go back to school, but this time to become a Tea Sommelier. I have just graduated from this course.

Tea is my new ‘ME’, it helps me understand many things in line with the Tao and Zen philosophies. Tea is a world full of opportunities and there is always something new. Just like wine, which also became a fresh discovery.


The new adventure (home made marmalade and home made wine.)

So, after several months of experimenting and playing around with recipes, I started my own business, that focuses on the elaboration of home made marmalades with a gentle touch of specific types of tea, and of Tea Wine – basically wine made out of tea.

After traveling to 28 different countries and experimenting with several cultures and immigrations officers, I could say that my most difficult, and terrifying travel is just about to begin.

The entrepreneur road is a risky but fun way to say ‘hey life, I am trying to be happy with myself, my own ideas and my passions’ – so don’t expect me soon.’

Remember always to look forward, live your present and let go of your past. Be in Peace!

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