Paulina Acevedo

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Hola! My name is Paulina, and I’m a new student on the Global Degree program. I come from a country that almost no one knows: its name is Guatemala. A beautiful and mesmerizing place. Just like many other places in the world.

As I grew up, I got the chance to travel often and go on exchange programs. And every time I traveled I felt amazed, by everything. Literally.

After graduating from high school, I went to Denmark for six months to an art and culture school. This helped me to develop myself more than ever. It was my first time away from home.

While traveling, I have learned more than in all my life, and through this experience I realized I wanted to make people comfortable everywhere I go, no matter what language or skin color they have. I also realized that I want to help people to experience unfamiliar cultures in a comfortable way. So, in summary, I want people to travel and experience life in the same way I do.

When I read about the Les Roches Global Degree, that was when I knew what was coming next. This program offers me a way to achieve what I’m looking for. And here I am, getting ready to start a new life.

And hopefully in the future, a new way of life for other people, too.

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