Raksha Uttamchandani

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Hello! My name is Raksha Uttamchandani and from Dubai. I will be starting my Post Graduate Diploma from August 2013 at Les Roches.

Talking to the Public
I was born in New Jersey, USA, but soon after moved to Dubai in 1997. Since then it hails as home! Despite the size of the U.A.E. as a country, it has quite a multicultural population.
This was probably why I was drawn to public relations. It was surprising to witness how rapidly Dubai was become a melting pot of cultures through the years. It is definitely interesting to see how a person must adapt themselves to suit another person’s culture.

There are over 200 different nationalities living in this small country and it is not uncommon to meet people from different ends of the world whether it is Ireland or Sudan. As I personally have a diverse background, it made it easier for me to relate to different people.

I was privileged to work with H+K Strategies Dubai, a leading multinational PR agency that honed my communication skills and gave me exposure to different cultures on daily basis.

The Plunge
Last year I got married to the love of my life. We decided to take a different path together. My husband and I both took a leap of faith and decided to start something new and exciting venture in hospitality.

But before we could get there, we found that education was the best route to our dream. We started researching schools and found that Les Roches was the perfect fit with its academic and practical balance.

I hope that my blogs give some insight into my journey and transformation over the next 18 months. Coming back to school after working seems counter-intuitive, but usually it is those experiences that help people grow.

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