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ongEn route to Arizona for a family get-together before I leave for Switzerland. Things are getting more and more exciting as the school year approaches. Simply talking about my next phase in life is satisfying in and of itself. This blog will explain my background experience and the decisions I made leading up to the arrival at Les Roches University.

About Me
After completing my bachelor’s degree, I worked in hotels, where I learned as much as I could about the industry, especially when I challenged myself to responsibilities beyond my position’s description. For example, whenever I noticed an unsatisfied guest, I would listen to their concern with the goal of fixing any problem, and ultimately, to ensure customer loyalty.

To those who do not yet have experience, I advise you to handle every situation on your own instead of directing difficulties on others. It’s okay to make mistakes; practice makes perfect. Try to excel at what you do, since it is your knowledge that will get you there.

Hospitality is an easy industry if you think about it. But if you want to master everything inside and out, there is a learning curve that only comes from practice. Anyone can check in a guest, but it takes time to become effective at multitasking. Guest appeasement, time management, and the ability to master efficiency sums up my experience in front office operations.

Why Les Roches?
In the hotel industry, I often questioned whether or not going to graduate school would be beneficial, because hospitality is not necessarily a skill one learns from reading books and writing papers. It is a career that, in my opinion, only certain people should do. Regardless of the department you work, guests will be your first priority, and they notice when you enjoy what you do.

The reason why I want to pursue higher education, among other things, is actually to progress out of hotel operations (front office, F&B, events, etc.) and into the corporate world. The hours and times employees in operations have to work is overwhelming. It is something everyone in the hospitality industry should experience, yet a career I do not prefer.

The Plan
My five year plan includes working at a headquarters or in the department of revenue at a hotel. Ideally, I am looking to attain a balanced work and social life. The classes I look forward to most are the ones in finance: hospitality real estate and corporate finance. In due time, my goal is to own my own hotels. Achieving an MBA in Hospitality Management with Finance along with corporate experience are my means of successfully attacking that goal.

Getting Ready
Before moving out of the country, I decided to leave my job in May giving myself two months to travel and visit friends and family. Additionally, I bought new suits and have been running errands to prepare for both my departure and arrival. I look forward to attending Les Roches University and making memories that will last forever!

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