9 tips for surviving your first day at university

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As soon as you start school, you’ll sense certain emotions in the air – emotions that everyone can feel and that we should all learn how to control. Today, I want to share with you a few tips that will not only make your student life a bit easier but, for sure, will bring you a smile too 😉

  1. After the first two weeks have passed, try to keep up the same spirit of excitement, it helps to survive long days of classes (especially for the rookies)…

how to survive your first day at university
2. Be serious, but always be ready for a good laugh with a classmate during class.
3. Do not be shy, if you fail something, it’s ok – the most important is not making the same mistake twice.
4. Do not go to class with a headache from the “orange juice you drank yesterday up in Montana”

how to survive your first day at university

5. The entire teaching body speaks at least 3 languages…be careful to what you say to your friend – walls have ears here!
6. Swimming with a great view of the Swiss Alps is great… during the night you don’t have the same view.
7. Climbing in Montana is great but do not do it in business shoes.
8. Check out the campus Facebook group for news, especially for CDV (Café du Village) specials, there’s something new every day!

9. Join one of the various student clubs to cultivate your talent – the wine club is recommended if you do not have a car 😉

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