Global Degree; a look back at the first semester

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Rod Vafaee has completed his first semester at Bluche, and is about to travel with classmates to China for the second leg of his Global Degree journey.

Global Hospitality Degree students Swiss Hospitality Management Programs China Switzerland Spain The first semester of Les Roches’ new program is coming to an end and I can tell you it has been an interesting one! Meeting new people, exploring Switzerland and other countries and finding out more about the industry have all been a part of this first semester.
The one thing that has been the biggest part, I would say, must be the team we have built during our time here in Bluche.

We have worked together on many group projects, helped each other when we needed it and travelled around with each other.

We first arrived in snowy Bluche not knowing anyone and we can all say we are leaving for our summer holiday with many positives. One positive is all the people we have met. Whether they are part of the Global Program, BBA program, PGD or MBA programs, we have all benefited from the friends we have made.

As I mentioned in my first blog post, onGlobal Hospitality Degree students Swiss Hospitality Management Programs China Switzerland Spain e of my biggest surprises was how everyone was very social and willing to make friends without even thinking what semester or program you were in. Personally, I have made very valuable friends in every program Les Roches has to offer and here are some of them.

Other than the friends we made within the other programs we also really strengthened our friendship within the Global Program. We started off as 15 people from 14 different countries coming together and have finished this semester being one big family. There may have been ups and downs while going through this first semester but this is normal within a family. We travelled within Switzerland, visiting Geneva one weekend and we also visited Bologna, Italy during our Easter break where this picture above is taken.

Our trips were great for us to see hGlobal Hospitality Degree students Swiss Hospitality Management Programs China Switzerland Spain ow hospitality is in different places and compare them to what our professors have taught us. We learnt a lot about the industry, as most of our professors were professionals who have been in the industry for an extensive period of time. The stories and life experiences that they shared with us were an integral part of our learning and helped us understand everything that is needed for us to take forward to Les Roches Jin Jiang next semester.

I would like to thank the staff and faculty at Les Roches Bluche who put a large amount of effort in providing everything that is needed for the students.

Whether it be the kitchen staff or the housekeeping, everyone has made Bluche feel like our home away from home. The experience I have gained this semester will be in my mind till I come back after my internship, but for now, see you Bluche, and Shanghai, here we come!

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