Looking Back on the Future of Hospitality Summit

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BBA in hospitality student, Devina Singh was one of the organizers of the Future of Hospitality Summit, Europe’s first and only student-initiated summit focused on innovation and technology. In this article, she talks about her experience.

Even though I have already had about 4 weeks now to internalize everything that went on at the Future of Hospitality Summit, the result still amazes me.

We went from starting Les Roches’ first entrepreneurship club (Startup Mountain), to being inspired to hold a hospitality-related summit, to actually making it happen with over 270 attendees from around Europe. The attendee mix was made up of both professionals and students from top hospitality schools (including but not limited to EHL and Glion).

All the out-of-town students were given a unique accommodation experience: they were hosted in a Swiss bomb shelter in the village of Randogne.


Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Future of Hospitality Summit

Unique accommodation in a bomb shelter

It increased networking opportunities between the future leaders of our industry and also provided them with a spacious place to unwind after their long day!

There was some compelling speeches by industry leaders, who held titles such as the Director of Operational Innovation, CEO, Director of Digital and Large Markets, etc.

Our focus at the summit was to introduce the ideas and technologies that were leading and molding our industry. Apart from the undeniably fantastic content that the speakers presented, there were also some pretty cool pieces of technology. We had a 3D printer, virtual reality goggles and an actual sleeping pod that participants could test out!

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Future of Hospitality Summit

Tickets for sale! And if you’d like to join the FHS 2016 committee, please get in touch!

So many inspirational events took place that it would take me the rest of the evening to get through them all. Instead, I will let you visit the website and see for yourself: Fhsummit.ch

Ok, so we can’t end this article without discussing my number one hobby, and that is wining and dining. The Swiss cheese dinner (fondue and racelette; we had it all covered!) and the pasta lunch were both deliciously indulgent but of course a meal is only as good as the wine that’s served. Our sponsors provided a tremendous amount of free-flowing wine which made everyone very happy, to say the least.

The event ended in full swing at the official Heineken afterparty, and believe me when I say it, I couldn’t have asked for a better stress reliever!

If you couldn’t be with us at FHS this year, here is a video that showcases everything that went on.

All in all, FHS was an unbelievable learning experience and also a great excuse for a group of passionate and motivated students to come together and put together Europe’s first and only student-initiated summit focused on innovation and technology! Once again, on behalf of Alessandro Tenconi, Akanshu Argh Jain, Vanessa Cova and myself, I would like to sincerely thank each and every person that supported us through this project.

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Future of Hospitality Summit

An incredible experience. Big thanks to everyone who got involved!

To those completing their Capstone project, good luck! As for the rest of us, well we still have finals to get through, but the Christmas markets will provide us with decent study breaks!


Devina Singh

A couple of notes:

1. We are currently recruiting for a team of motivated students to make FHS 2016 happen! Please contact me at devina.singh@lesroches.ch if you are interested in working with us.

2. Startup Mountain (LRB’s only entreprenurship club) will restart in January 2016 again. Look out for the meeting timings and drop by!

3. Finally, our friends at Base7Booking (hosted a workshop at FHS), wrote a beautiful article about their experience at the summit as our corporate partners: read it HERE

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