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Les Roches Bluche

Since the first day I came to this place the thing that surprised me the most (beside the beautiful view) was the SOCIAL DIVERSITY.

Since the moment I set foot into the main lobby I could see a whole different atmosphere.
I could see a thousand different faces.
I could see a hundred different nationalities.
Everyone wearing suits, like saying: we are all the same.
The first person that spoke to me was from Russia,
Then an Italian guy, speaking in my own language (Spanish).
It is truly amazing how many nationalities we have here,
And that is what I love the most,
The international atmosphere.
Meeting people from the other side of the globe,
Meeting people from just above or below your country,
And even meeting from your own country.
So many different cultures, beliefs, opinions.
The more I got to talk to people, the more international it got.
Most of the students are a mix of at least two nationalities.
Even teachers are like us.
Most of them speak at least THREE languages.
(I have to admit that makes me want to learn a lot more)

But the most beautiful thing of all,
Is how similar we all are,
How we all are looking for the same thing.
Getting to know people,
Getting to know cultures,
Getting to know the world.
I haven’t found a single person that does not enjoy traveling.
It feels nice to be here,
I’m looking forward to learning more.

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