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What do you do? Claire and Alex, Student Services Officers write about what their work involves

Top Hospitality Management Degree Courses School Les Roches Student Support Officers

Claire and Alex, Les Roches Student Support Officers

What does it mean to be a Student Services Officer? For us, this is the most difficult question to answer spontaneously as it takes some thought and consideration.

Why do you ask? Because in Student Services no one day is ever the same! Often when loved ones ask “how was your day?” it is impossible to retrace all the steps that took us from 8am to 5pm.

We can be:
•    A friendly face for a student who just wants a chat
•    A supporter for a new club e.g a music committee
•    An assistant for a student who wants to complain about bad service at an airport…

The possibilities are almost limitless!

We are here for the students to help them with whatever they want help with.

Often we provide an important link between the students and the school management on matters concerning campus life, the communication of information from different departments concerning the students, and most importantly helping improving and developing student life w

ith the help and suggestions of course from our customers: you the students!

So concretely what does our office do?

Top Hospitality Management Degree Courses School Les Roches Student Support Officers

Happy Mufti Day! from the Student Services Team – “Sunglasses + Flip Flops” The sun might not be shining but we are still smiling!”

•   We deal with general information and requests about the school and the local area
•   We are involved with co-curricular events and societies
•   We manage the administration around the student resident permits, student attestations and legalizations
•   We coordinate the Student Ambassadors and Student Social Committee
•   We meet regularly with student representatives such as Class Delegates
•   We handle the communication platform and social networks for the students

If asked to summarize the Student Services team and our ethos in 2 simple words they would be ‘relations’ and ‘support’.
These are the essentials of who we are and what we are about.

So pass by the office and see for yourself, we are waiting to welcome you 🙂

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  1. Joan says:

    I just want to say that my life at Les Roches would have been completely different without the Student Services Office. I spent a LOT of time in that office; discussing how we could do the Yearbook, how to carry out our amazing Eta Sigma Delta Dinner, printing materials for Cultural Night, wondering if I won a prize (never had much luck haha), or just saying hello! My favourite thing about Student Services is their creativity and severe out-of-the-box thinking that seriously added to the fun we had at Les Roches amidst the challenging schoolwork.. for instance it was a dream to have been part of a Guinness World Record and be a Student Ambassador. I would go back to Les Roches just to keep being involved with Student Services! If I were a student again, I would do as much as I could with them. You have no idea what positive value it adds to your resume!

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