Visit to a Vineyard and extra-curricular activities

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The learning experience here at Les Roches is not limited to the academic or practical parts of our days on duty or attending classes. The school schedules frequent lectures for the students to attend, workshops and even field trips in which we learn about companies related to the hospitality industry. A few days ago we were able to attend a session given by a former student, Reza Ghazali who talked about “Career Planning”.

Mr. Ghazali is a great example of how far former students from Les Roches can go! Currently, he is the Office Managing Director for Korn/Ferry International in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. This executive recruitment agency is considered as one of the world’s premier providers of talent and management solutions with nearly 80 offices in 40 countries. Mr. Ghazali described some pitfalls to watch out for and how to plan our careers, which is always worth hearing about, especially in this industry when you have so many options and possibilities.

Our PGD class visited a winery, or vineyard, located close to Sion which is not far from Bluche!! We have a few wine producers and vineyard territories in the surroundings of Les Roches and it is indeed a quite nice area.

The Canton of Valais, where the school is found, is quite well recognized in Switzerland for the tasty wines that they produce; this time we visited the Giroud Winery where we were able to taste some of the wines produced there and gather lots of information about the production stages. Thank you Mr. la Sala for arranging this for our class, it was great fun!

Last but not least, I have been taking a few pictures of the surroundings here at the school and you can clearly see the change from Summer to Fall and the upcoming Winter slowly approaching. It has even snowed once already! I will be posting a video about this too, hope you like this new application to see several pictures.

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  1. Naê Cruz says:

    Hi Pamela ^_^

    First of all I want to congratulate you for this blog, it’s amazingly well written and rich in details. My name’s Naê and I’m from Brazil. I found your blog when I was looking for informations about studying at Les Roches. I’m using your space here because I don’t know what else to do. I tried the contacts and meet a counselor buttons and every time I submit my info it says that my “code” is invalid. I changed every possible info that could lead to this error but nothing happened. So that’s why I wanted to ask you if you could give them my email so I could talk to a counselor. I really want to study there but it seems that their website has a bug or something like that.

    Thanks a lot for your attention,

    Naê Cruz.

    p.s keep up the good work, I love your blog. ^_^

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