Les Roches Hotel Management School students go to Geneva Motor Show to look at cars

Visiting car lovers’ paradise: 2014 Geneva Motor Show

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On Sunday the 9th of March three friends and I set out to Geneva for the world famous Geneva auto show. It is one of the events I have been following for the last 5 years and ever since then I have wanted to attend. It may have been a 2 hour-long drive to get there, but knowing what was coming ahead of us and being as excited as I was, the time just flew by.

We left Bluche at around 12 noon heading for Geneva. You could see everyone was excited as we were all talking about cars and which ones we were most looking forward to seeing. The driver of the car (who happened to be my friend’s brother) woke up at 6 in the morning and drove all the way from Bologna in Italy to attend the auto show.

What fueled our excitement even more was the amount of nice luxury and sports cars we saw on the way to Geneva which we assumed were heading to the same destination as us.

We finally arrived at Geneva and made our way towards the auto show entrance.  After taking the first steps in it was one of the most beautiful things I have seen. There were cars everywhere and I mean it when I say everywhere. You could find any car you were looking for.

As we walked around, looking at the difLes Roches Hotel Management School students go to Geneva Motor Show to look at carsferent cars, we expressed our own feelings and opinions about the different cars. It somehow happened that 90% of the cars I liked none of my friends seemed to find very nice. I guess this is where the cultural difference between us was very evident. My favorite car at the auto show would either have to be the Range Rover Sport Hamann or the BMW M6 Hamann as you can see on the left.  Les Roches Hotel Management School students go to Geneva Motor Show to look at cars

The end of the day came and we had to head back to Bluche but none of us wanted to leave because we loved the show so much. It was very good to see all the different cars and the different motorsport companies who showcased what they are capable of.

I would definitely recommend anyone who even has the slightest interest in cars to attend the show next year, and for those of you who do not, you could always accompany your friends so they can overload you with information.

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  1. car service says:

    For me Geneva is the best Motor Show out of them all. I always look forward to it. The new BMW M6 was the best for me.

  2. Out of all the Motor shows, I think the Geneva one really does top the lot. Some of the concept cars that I see there are simply amazing. I believe the next show is on 2016, I will try my best to attend that show, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!

  3. This year (2015) it’s between 5 – 15 March.
    This time i’ll try to go!!

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