Hello everyone and welcome to all of the new students !

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pamelaFirst of all, I just want to say that I am thrilled to start writing this blog! As a new student, I am hoping that this blog will help everyone to find out more about Les Roches, the teachers, the activities and many other things that are part of living and studying at Les Roches in Switzerland.  I hope you get to share your experiences with me as well, so that the information posted on here keeps everyone updated about interesting and informative topics and events happening at the school.

This moment seemed so far away a couple of months ago. Only less than two weeks left here in Ecuador and then I´ll be on a plane to Switzerland!  I think back to the time when I had the choice to decide between my studies abroad or staying here in Ecuador.  A lot of thoughts crossed my mind after my last semester at University and one of them was the further education that I wanted to achieve.

research1During the Christmas holidays in 2009, my Danish family introduced me to the idea of living and studying in Switzerland. The idea of living in Europe again amazed me.  There were a few other European schools that I was interested in, but after doing a little research on the internet, Les Roches drew my attention completely.  I wanted to find a Post Graduate program that would be applicable for career changers because my previous field of study, International Affairs, was too broad and I wanted to use all the knowledge I had acquired from my previous work experience in the Tourism Industry.

Shortly after writing a quick e-mail requesting more information on the programs available at Les Roches, a representative contacted me. By experience, I know this is the first sign of any good service and I was impressed by the detailed answers that I got from my Educational Counselor, Ms. Chorong Lee. She gladly helped me throughout my application process and quickly answered all of the questions I had regarding the different programs offered by Les Roches. She also explained in more detail the reasons why I would be eligible for the PGD program, advised me on several occasions about the deadlines, and explained the best way to prepare all of the documentation.

building_LRB_2010_NEWI have very high expectations for this PGD program at Les Roches. I am hoping to get as much knowledge on the Hotel Management field as I can and I also look forward to all of the Craft Based Learning. I like the combination or practice and theory that the school offers in all of its programs. The Internships are very well designed and I love the fact that Les Roches wants the students to face the real world. I think you learn a lot more when you are out there in real situations with real people; I have always thought that internships are a great way to increase the students’ confidence, allowing the person to develop different abilities that will help them handle difficult situations in the future.
I think I could not have chosen a better program, and I cannot wait to start this new part of my life in Switzerland! Welcome on board everyone !

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8 Responses

  1. Ibrahim Khalil says:

    I am a student at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts affiliate of Les Roches(RACA). I am a graduate student and my main dream is to continue my studies in the main campus in Bluche, Switzerland. When I read your blog, you gave the enthusiasm to continue my plan; I cannot wait for that day.
    Warm thanks to RACA which gave me the opportunity to improve and develop my skills specially my English language, I learnt English at RACA.

  2. interesting, i am bookmarking that.

  3. ian says:

    This blog is such a great find. Thanks for your recommendations

  4. Lance Christoff says:

    Such a wonderful and nice blog you had been posted.Good Job.Keep it up.God Bless

  5. Lavinia Brussell says:

    Hello. I am very satisfied I came across this site, I truly discovered you by mistake, whilst I’d been searching Yahoo for another thing, Anyway I am here now and would just like to thanks a ton for the fantastic blog posting as well as a all round helpful web site (I additionally like the theme/design). I have saved it and also subscribed to the RSS feeds. My best wishes, Lavinia Brussell.

  6. Marline Bilotti says:

    Hey,interesting blog. I decided to build a blog for my self too.I am trying to learn how to write good posts and your blog will certainly help me.

  7. therma cuts anna mucha says:

    I can’t wait for more posts! When will you update your interesting blog?

    • Pamela says:

      Thank you for your support! I am sending different blogs for this week, of events and things happening at Les Roches. Hope you enjoy them! xo

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